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Our Standard Service Includes:

FREE     Digital Airflow Analysis

FREE     6 Point Comprehensive Inspection

FREE     No Mess Left Behind Guarantee

Additional Services Available:

Video Recording Of Vent Piping

Bird Nest Removal

Bird Screen Installation

Transition Duct Replacement

Included In The 6 point Comprehensive Inspection

1. Inspect the dryer for normal operation and temperature.

2. Inspect the drum felt for signs of wear and tear.

3. Confirm the transition ducting is to manufacture specifications.

4. Inspect the transition ducting for signs of wear and leaks.

5. Check the transition duct clamp for proper operation.

6. Check the back-draft damper for proper operation.

We only use the highest quality parts for your repairs and replacements.  Our parts are application specific and have received the UL 2158A classification and mark.

Firefighter Owned & Operated

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